I can't vouch for how attractive he is - because he's not - but he's changed my life and the lives of the important people around me more than anyone else I know.

He's not a 'big name in the personal development space, but that's by design. He says what needs to be said, not what's popular or what sells the best. Not sure he knows what an A/B test even is. But he's unlocked the secret to happiness in life better than anyone I know, including most of the 'big names' who are clueless when it comes to being authentic.

~ Greg Habstritt

The last few years we have made some big shifts in our life. Although a lot of them were scary as all hell, we had the help and encouragement of my coach, mentor and friend Philip McKernan.

His passion to help people see a different way is awesome, and he has written a book that I feel is important to today's society. I'd encourage you to give yourself a gift order one today.

~ Evan Ziemer

My personal mentor's book just hit Amazon, and it truly puts things into perspective (to say the least!) when it comes to taking an honest look at your own life and your own levels of fulfillment, happiness and purpose.

If you know intuitively that your life hasn't quite panned out the way you hoped it had, or if you feel something is missing, or if you feel like you deserve more in life, do yourself the favor and give it a read. I'm pretty certain you'll be glad you did.

~ Matthew Lutz

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By purchasing 3 books, you will get this audio training where Philip proves why the existing mindset around material wealth is broken and challenges and supports you to follow your heart and not just your head when it comes to pursuing real wealth. Email your receipt to

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By purchasing 10 books, you will get this audio training where Philip challenges you to think differently about goals, simplify them and question their authenticity. Email your receipt to

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By purchasing 10 books, you’ll get both Authentic programs: A collection of video and audio keynotes that Philip has delivered over the years around the topic of confidence. After all, your confidence today determines your success tomorrow. You'll also receive 'Authentic Goal Setting' program, in which Philip challenges you to think differently about goals. Email your receipt to

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By purchasing 50 books, you will get a personal
1-on-1 coaching with Philip to address any issue in
your life that you’re currently not feeling fulfilled in.

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By purchasing 300 books, You’ll reserve your spot in the next BraveSoul retreat in Ireland and unlock the power of your intuition and cultivate your Soulset. This allows us to gain the clarity we often seek and the confidence and courage to act upon it. Email your receipt to

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Passionate - Real - Bold

I spent most of my life pretending to be someone else. Being dyslexic and not knowing why I was different was painful, but years later I found the gift in that pain and it was then I could use it to drive me internally to do what I do now. I was a fake, an actor, and wore many masks to fit in or stand out. My journey over recent years was to take the masks off, stop acting, and as simple as it may sound (and it’s not), get back to who I am at the core.

Never before have I felt so authentic in who I am, what I do and where I want to go. It’s this newly found inner peace and passion that is available to all of us that forms the foundation of the work I do today.

Today I work with individuals and couples to cultivate a Soulset to uncover their own authentic path. Then, and only then, do we create a Mindset to support how best to achieve that. In more recent years, major corporations like Shell and Olympic athletes have engaged me to support their teams and leaders to build deeper self awareness so they can authentically lead. This work is at the core of creating Soulset.

It’s taken a lot of work on myself which gave me the courage to get here, but I have found what I will do for the rest of my life. I have dedicated the rest of my life to achieve my mission ‘To Inspire Millions of People to Believe in Themselves’.